Vilhelm Jørgensens Guesthouse
The residence
Vilhelm Jørgensens Guesthouse is situated in Brede near Virum, in the green belt north of Copenhagen.

10 minutes by bus to The Technical University of Denmark, DTU and about 30 minutes by S-train to Central Copenhagen.

The Guesthouse consist of:
29 sqm one-room flats, with kitchen and bath. The monthly rent is DKK 3220 + consumption of electricity
The flats are equipped with furniture, TV, telephone, linen, kitchen and table ware.

For the moment four of the flats are reserved for international students studying at DTU.
The rest of the Residence is occupied by Danish students.
You can stay at the Vilhelm Jørgensens Guesthouse as a Master student but not as a Ph.D. student.

The Vilhelm Joergensens foundation, has built and sponsors the operation of the residence.

The Guesthouse offers ideal surroundings and facilities for studying.

The residence has access to Internet.